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August Art Collective is back with the excited return of Madison artist Terrence Adeyanju. August Art Collective :: 003 featuring Terrence Adeyanju is a two month gallery installation available for viewing and purchase at August during the months of September & October, 2020

"PEELD" is an archive of visual footnotes from Adeyanju. His works reference the human experience, self empowerment, and the unseen through bold, colorful, and imaginative imagery. Adeyanju's expressive, personal, visuals confront the concepts of self discovery, personal reflection, racial and sexual identity, and existentialism.

The gallery debuts with an artist Meet & Greet:

When: Friday 09.18.2020 from 6:30 - 8pm
Where: August, 414 State St., Madison, WI 53703

For your safety and personal care, masks are required by all patrons, and only 5 people will be allowed at a time for viewing.

PEELD (Terrence Adeyanju) and August have come together to release the limited run "INSIGHT WE TRUST" ivory t-shirt, printed on high quality 100% cotton for $45. Adeyanju artwork explores our personal fields of self discovery and aims to empower POC.

100% of sale proceeds from shirts, prints, framed art and stickers at the AAC :: 003 meet and greet will be donated to Freedom Inc. to further their mission and work in our community.

INSIGHT t-shirt: $45
Prints: $40
Stickers: $5
Framed Art: $120 - $350

We hope you join us for the debut gallery Friday, the 18th at 6:30pm, and for subsequent viewings of Adeyanju's collection of framed prints. 

"Our greatest illusion is granting external forces the power to validate the quality of our identity”. 

       - Terrence Adeyanju's poignant statement reads on the collaboration "INSIGHT WE TRUST" t-shirt's face.

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