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As a follow up to the latest Bueno release, we collaborated with the Bueno team to deliver August Aux 040, an upbeat, personal, multi-genre mix that taps into Bueno’s cultural roots. In the words of our friends at Bueno:

“The origin of afro-Caribbean music traces back to the 15th century and the arrival of African people in the Caribbean via the transatlantic slave trade. Most Afro-Caribbeans are the descendants of captive Africans held in the Caribbean from 1502 to 1886. But, like most resilient people, we made something out of nothing and used music as a tool of self expression and art. Through the years salsa, jazz, batacha, etc, has evolved beyond belief, creating sounds that have reverberated through music into other genres. Born through violence, slavery, and even genocide, we highlight some of the best hispanic artist to ever create in the space of afro-Caribbean music. It's our job to continue to share and tell these stories! Through this selection of music, a story of love, life and unmatched energy is told.”

Listen to August Aux :: 040 now on SoundCloud, below, or a track by track playlist on Spotify, above.

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