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For Black History Month, and our 39th installment of August Aux, we wanted to dig deep and highlight influential Black figures in music who haven't gotten great deal of shine. The resulting mix, researched and put together by our resident DJ, Samuel Wallner, goes overseas to examine the roots of what today is called liquid drum & bass. 

With a big contribution from Afro-English DJ's and producers, the style takes influence from ambient, jazz, soul, reggae, and hip hop. The sound, which has evolved greatly over time - as most things do - was pushed in 1999 by the likes of DJ Fabio, Goldie, Rebel MC, and LTJ Bukem. Some, like DJ Marky, never left the scene as it developed while newcomers such as modern Afro-English producer Tim Reaper, joined in the game, paying homage to the greats that preceded them.

Listen to August Aux :: 039, featuring all the artists mentioned above, in an hour of uninterrupted play, below on SoundCloud, or in a Spotify playlist of the included tracks above, now.

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