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In an effort to cut down on the quarantine blues, our staffer Elli Harris has been hard at work in her kitchen at home trying out delicious new recipes and preparing cuisines from around the world. In honor of this, August is launching a weekly "Breaking Bread with Elli" online series.

This week: BREAKING BREAD with ELLI V.002 :: CHALLAH
Challah (Hebrew חַלָּה‎ Halla: plural: challot or challos) is a specialty bread in Jewish Cuisine, usually braided and typically eaten on ceremonial occasions such as Shabbat and major holidays (other than Passover). The word “cake” is a loose translation of the Hebrew word “challah.” The offering or portion of challah that was given to the priests (kohanim) was called the mitzvah of “hafrashat challah” – separating the challah. In the days of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jews were told to separate 1/24th of the doughs and give it to the kohanim every Shabbat.

Once a week we will share the preparation and creation of one of Elli's new tryout recipes for our August family to cook/bake at home, no 5-Star kitchen needed. 

August fans and followers are then encouraged to post their finished food images on their IG Story & tag us, include "Breaking Bread with Elli" in your title. Prepare Elli’s dish or use your own recipe for any home cooked meal!  
The first 5 @’s will be entered in a weekly raffle to get 30% off and free shipping on their next purchase from August (some exclusions apply).

We hope to see your delicious creations soon!

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