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August Art Collective is August's new monthly gallery and events series that will feature artists from our creative community, art for sale, meet and greets, and lecture series.

We are excited to announce Dylan Waddell as our premiere August Art Collective contributor, a curated collection of his pieces will be available for viewing and purchase at August over the next month.

Waddell's work over the past 5 years has focused primarily on personal identity and how it is effected by an ever increasing social media presence. "More and more of our relationship networks have shifted online requiring an adoption of personas and masks we carefully curate and send out into the world. I aim to explore our deteriorating relationship with nature, silence, and even boredom. While we struggle to block out the incessant chatter and feelings of inadequacies that often accompany as we swipe and scroll our lives away. With the use of extravagant color in often rich fragmented environments I look to find the middle ground between surreal and figurative works, allowing the viewer the option to create their own narrative." - Waddell of his work.

August will host a meet and greet with Dylan on Saturday 02.29.20 from 6 - 8pm. More details to follow.

View Dylan Waddell's many creations online at @young.dylonious

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