Editorial: IDEA

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Sometimes the best ideas are found among our lost or neglected past, in the places we least expect them to be. We are pleasantly surprised by this spark – a spark that cannot be manufactured or purposely replicated. It must happen naturally.

David Owen and Angela Hill (of IDEA Books) will go to the ends of the Earth to track down rare, and often out-of-print titles that have massive potential to inspire new ideas. Motivated by the next Superbook discovery, they are on a conquest of concepts, an exploration of print.

IDEA’s obscure stream of finds inspire some of the biggest names in photography, design, and writing. Their open-sourced visual inspiration on Instagram gives access to nascent talent of all kinds. They curate thoughtful fodder for the creative seeking their next idea.

The natural, limited nature of IDEA’s stockpile creates an intimate form of ownership among their collectors. Like owning a secret.

Greatness starts with an IDEA. And IDEAs start with inspiration… inspiration that may be found on a dusty bookshelf, tucked away in a book that craves your attention.

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