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August Aux :: 053 “ENTER THE PORTAL” mix was put together by Pass~Port founder Trent Evans. Evans started the brand in 2009 after seeing a lack of homegrown skateboard brands coming out of Australia. It was a matter of taking outside influence, figuring how it could be weaved into a local Australian narrative and re-exported back into the world through the lens of Pass~Port. Pass~Port now drives a diehard community of streetwear heads and skaters alike in Australia and abroad and has been proudly carried in August for the past several seasons.


The mix delivers an extremely dipped, funky, synth heavy, feel-good laden playlist, filled out by hippie-driven tracks, protest jams, and international underground hits. For this mix, it’s recommended to kick back and spark up, take a long stroll along the shore or your favorite trail, or kick back enjoying some drinks with a few friends. Listen to the mix now, on SoundCloud.

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