Stefan Matioc 

Stefan Matioc is an artist from Madison, WI known for his free-flowing-line drawing style that takes many forms: neons, murals, prints, and apparel.

Stefan moved to the east side of Madison in 2014 and worked at Madison based ad & design shop, Planet Propaganda. In this time he moved his art from doodling in bars and pasting stickers on the isthmus to commissioned walls. He began to shift focus from design and animation to personal artwork sales when he moved to Mexico City in 2017 - where he continued to grow and spread his art. Stefan is very grateful for the businesses and people in Madison who have been a support and catalyst for his art.

His murals in Madison can be found on the side of The Sylvee music venue - in the basement cocktail lounge of Lucille - Good Style Shop on E. Johnson - Banzo Shuk on Willy - The Robinia Courtyard - and Next Door Brewery on Atwood Ave. He will return to the USA in 2020 and plans to find a new home and studio.

Reach out to Stefan by sending him an e-mail at